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M.Com internships are an opportunity for you to work in your area of interest and organizations that allow you to pursue your career goals. An internship gives a preview of the roles, responsibilities and the nature of work that you would be undertaking once you graduate from a business school.

A summer M.Com internship with a large firm will give you practical work experience in your field of interest. An internship with a good firm will add great value to your resume and will give you an edge at the time job placement. This is of even greater significance if you do not hold any prior work experience in the field you have chosen to pursue.

Your M.Com internship will help you to get practical knowledge of your chosen field. M.Com internships include many assignments and projects and you will be given a chance to do meaningful work that impacts the company. In return, it is your opportunity to develop skills in the particular field and experience first-hand if the work profile is to your liking and whether you would pursue it as your career path or not.

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