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5 Days
Topic Text Material Image content Video content Quiz
Managing and Performing Introduction -
Managerial Decision-Making -
Business Economics - Meaning, Nature, Scope and significance -
Theory of Consumer’s Behaviour : Utility Analysis -
Operational Research Introduction -
Operation Research - History, Applications, Limitations -
Complete reference on BBA -
10 Days
Topic Text Material Image content Video content Quiz
History of Management -
External and Internal Organizational Environments -
Corporate Cultures -
Ethics and Business Ethics -
Indifference Curve Approach -
Models in Operation Research -
Transportation Problem -
Network Analysis - CPM -
15 Days
Topic Text Material Image content Video content Quiz
Assignment Problem Structure -
Introduction to Inventory Management -
Law of Demand and Elasticity of Demand -
Demand Forecasting -
Linear Programming Introduction -
Linear Programming Graphical Method -
Linear Programming Simplex Method -
International Management -
Entrepreneurship -
Organizational Structure and Change -
1 Month
Topic Text Material Image content Video content Quiz
Human Resource Management -
The Nature of Leadership -
Diversity in Organizations -
Work Motivation for Performance -
Managing Team -
Managerial Communication -
Organizational Planning and Controlling -
Concept of Cost : Short Run and Long Run Cost -
Concept of Revenue and Break Even Analysis -
Introduction to Game Theory -
Two Person Zero Sum Games -
Sequencing -
2 Months / 6 Weeks
Topic Text Material Image content Video content Quiz
Introduction to Finance -
Types of Finance -
Introduction to Finance Function -
Organisation of the Finance Function -
Financial Management - Nature and Scope -
Financial Goals -
Introduction to Financial Decisions -
Marketing Introduction -
Marketing Environment -
Product Decision -
New Product Development Strategies -
Pricing Objectives and Approaches -
Capital Budgeting -
Risk Analysis in Capital Budgeting -
Capital Cost -
Marketing Concepts -
Marketing Process -
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Business Economics, also called Managerial Economics, is the application of economic theory and methodology to business. Business involves decision-making. Decision making means the process of selecting one out of two or more alternative courses of action. The question of choice arises because the basic resources such as capital, land, labour and management are limited and can be employed in alternative uses. The decision-making function thus becomes one of making choice and taking decisions that will provide the most efficient means of attaining a desired end, say, profit maximation.

Different aspects of business need attention of the chief executive. He may be called upon to choose a single option among the many that may be available to him. It would he in the interest of the business to reach an optimal decision- the one that promotes the goal of the business firm. A scientific formulation of the business problem and finding its optimals solution requires that the business firm is he equipped with a rational methodology and appropriate tools.

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