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Course Content
5 Days
Topic Text Material Image content Video content Quiz
Basic Electronics -
Electronics Sensor -
Signals in Electronics -
Embedded System - Overview -
Embedded System - Tools & Peripherals -
Embedded System - 8051 MicroController -
Embedded System - Processors -
Embedded System - Architecture -
Embedded System - Term -
Embedded System - Assembly Language -
Embedded System - Registers -
Introduction to Robotics -
What is Robotics ? -
Robotics - History -
Robot components -
Introduction to Robotic Locomotion -
Artificial Intelligence - Robotics -
Embedded System - I/O Programming -
10 Days
Topic Text Material Image content Video content Quiz
Artificial Intelligence - Research Areas -
What are the Types of Robots -
Robotics Sensors -
Robotics - Hardware Designing -
Robotics - Power Supply -
Robotics - MicroController -
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) - Robotics -
PCB Designing -
Obstacle Avoider Robot - Project -
Line Follower Robot - Project -
Hand Gesture Controlled Robot - Project -
Mobile Controlled Robot Using DTMF -
Python - IDLE Introduction -
Python - Numbers and built-in Math Functions -
Variables - Python -
15 Days
Topic Text Material Image content Video content Quiz
Basic Operators in Python -
Modules & Functions in Python -
Input and Output - Python -
Strings in Python -
Introduction to Machine Learning(ML) -
Methods in Machine Learning(ML) -
Data Feature Selection in Machine Learning(ML) -
Logistic Regression in Machine Learning(ML) -
Classification Algorithm in Machine Learning(ML) -
Python EcoSystem - Machine Learning(ML) -
Understanding Data with Statistics - Machine Learning(ML) -
Understanding Data with Visualization - Machine Learning(ML) -
Support Vector in Machine Learning Algorithm -
Preparing Data in Machine Learning(ML) -
1 Month
Topic Text Material Image content Video content Quiz
Introduction to MATLAB -
MATLAB Environment Setup -
MATLAB Syntax -
MATLAB Variables -
MATLAB Commands -
MATLAB M-Files -
MATLAB Data Types -
MATLAB Operators -
MATLAB Decision Making -
Introduction to Internet of Things(IoT) -
Features of Internet of Things(IoT) -
Internet of Things(IoT) - Advantages and Disadvantages -
Internet of Things(IoT) - Embedded Devices and System -
IoT(Internet of Things) - Eco System -
Decision Framework - Internet of Things(IoT) -
Energy Domain - Internet of Things(IoT) -
Biometric Domain - Internet of Things(IoT) -
Smart Home and City - Internet of Things(IoT) -
Smart Agriculture - Internet of Things(IoT) -
Health Care - Internet of Things(IoT) -
Transportation - Internet of Things(IoT) -
Internet of Things - Devices -
Major IOT Boards in Market - Internet of Things(IoT) -
Internet of Things - Platform -
2 Months / 6 Weeks
Topic Text Material Image content Video content Quiz
Embedded Systems Registers Bank/Stack -
Embedded Systems Instruction -
Embedded Systems Addressing Modes -
Embedded Systems SFR Registers -
Embedded Systems Timer/Counter -
Embedded Systems Interrupts -
Introduction - Cloud Computing -
Advantage and Disadvantage - Cloud Computing -
Cloud Computing - History -
Cloud Computing - Architecture -
Technologies in Cloud Computing -
Cloud Vs Grid Computing -
Cloud Computing - How it Work -
Applications of Cloud Computing -
Cloud Computing - Security Risks -
Type of Clouds -
Public Cloud in Cloud Computing -
Private Cloud in Cloud Computing -
Hybrid Cloud in cloud computing -
Community Cloud in cloud computing -
Cloud Service Models in cloud computing -
Cloud Computing - Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS) -
Cloud Computing - Platform as a Service(PaaS) -
Cloud Computing - Software as a Service(SaaS) -
create Amazon EC2 Window Instances -
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At present, many of the companies are selecting the suitable students for Electronics Engineering Summer Internships. In addition, to this, you have to attend for the on-campus drives. So participate in the Online Test, Interview Rounds. After completion of the selection process, the company will send you a call letter. So that students can join as an Intern. 

We are sure that the given information regarding Electronics Engineering Internships  will be useful for the candidates. Moreover, many of the students are unable to find all the details in various sources. To avoid that problem, our website is providing the useful details. So interested one can check the complete details and proceed to the further step. Also, you have to prepare well because the competition for ECE Internships is higher. Many of the students are choosing Electronics Engineering as an career growth.

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Good and very informative and useful classes and sessions .Thanks you ?

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