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Course Content
5 Days
Topic Text Material Image content Video content Quiz
1.Introduction to Full Stack Web Development -
2.HTML Introduction -
3.Basics of HTML -
4.What is an HTML Element? -
5.HTML-Comments -
6.HTML Attributes -
7.HTML Tags -
8.HTML Head Tag -
9.HTML Meta Tag -
10.HTML Body Tag -
11.HTML Heading Tags -
12.HTML - Paragraph tag -
13.HTML Formatting -
14.HTML Pre and P Tag -
15.HTML anchor tag -
16.HTML Image Tag -
17.HTML Video Tag -
18.HTML Audio Tag -
19.HTML List -
20.HTML Table Tag -
21.HTML Button tag -
22.HTML Iframe Tag -
23.HTML Fieldset Tag -
24.HTML Form -
25.HTML Input Tag -
26.HTML Project -
10 Days
Topic Text Material Image content Video content Quiz
27.CSS Introduction -
28.CSS Basics -
29.Types of CSS -
30.CSS Selectors -
31.CSS Color -
32.CSS Background -
33.CSS Border -
34.CSS Margin -
35.CSS Padding -
36.CSS Height & Width -
37.CSS Outline -
38.CSS Text -
39.CSS Font -
40.CSS Link -
41.CSS Overflow -
42.CSS Hover -
43.CSS Display -
44.CSS Position -
45.CSS Navigation Bar -
46.CSS Transition -
47.CSS Grid -
48.CSS Forms -
49.CSS Project -
15 Days
Topic Text Material Image content Video content Quiz
50.Javascript Introduction -
51.Javascript Basics -
52.Javascript Syntax -
53.JavaScript Output -
55.JavaScript Variables -
56.JavaScript-Let -
57.JavaScript Const -
58.Javascript operators -
59.Javascript Datatypes -
61.JavaScript Objects -
60.JavaScript Arrays -
62.Javascript Strings -
63.Javascript Events -
64.Javascript Functions -
65.Javascript Dates -
66.Javascript math functions -
67.Javascript Typeof -
68.Javascript Alert -
69.Javascript Print -
70.Javascript If else,else if Statement -
71.Javascript Switch case -
74.Javascript For of Loop -
72.Javascript For loop -
73.Javascript Forin Loop -
75.Javascript While loop -
76.Javascript Do while loop -
77.Javascript Form Validation -
1 Month
Topic Text Material Image content Video content Quiz
91.PHP Math Functions -
108.PHP Regular Expression -
79.PHP Introduction -
80.PHP Basics -
81.PHP Syntax -
82.PHP Variables -
83.PHP Echo -
84.PHP Print -
78.Javascript Project -
96.PHP Foreach -
85.PHP Data Types -
97.PHP While Loop -
87.PHP Array -
98.PHP Do While Loop -
86.PHP Operators -
88.PHP String -
89.PHP Constants -
92.PHP if Condition -
93.PHP If Else Elseif Statement -
94.PHP Loop -
95.For Loop -
112.MySQL Introduction -
114.MySQL Connect -
115.MySQL Database -
116.MySQL Table -
99.PHP Break/Continue -
117.MySQL Insert data -
100.PHP Switch Statement -
113.MySql Basics -
101.PHP OOPS -
118.MySQL Select data -
119.MySQL Update data -
102.PHP Class & Object -
103.PHP Constructor -
120.MySQL Delete data -
104.PHP Abstract Classes -
105.PHP Polymorphism -
122.Bootstrap 5 Introdution -
106.PHP Encapsulation -
123.Bootstrap 5 Starter template -
107.PHP Inheritance -
124.Bootstrap 5 Containers -
109.PHP Superglobals -
110.PHP Form Control -
111.PHP Form Validation -
125.Bootstrap Cards -
126.Bootstrap Buttons -
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Good and very informative and useful classes and sessions .Thanks you ?
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Attended 5 days internship for IOT and he made us to understand the basics of the course . Venkat S
Surya Maharajan

Good person to see for Kaashiv infotech and very good to usefull myself and ur self also.

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Ram Prithiv Raju shares her KaaShiv learning experience helped her gain an edge in job interviews and land a job.

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