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Course Content
5 Days
Topic Text Material Image content Video content Quiz
SQL Introduction -
MongoDB Introduction -
DataBase Design Principles -
MongoDB Features -
Phases of Database Design -
MongoDB Advantages -
SQL – RDBMS Database -
Table Design -
MongoDB Beginners -
Relationships -
SQL Data Types -
Clause in SQL -
MongoDB Environment Setup -
The Basis of Data Normalization -
The SQL server Database Architecture -
A Database Primer -
Database Basics -
Configuring SQL Server -
Configuration Parameters -
Advanced Configuration Parameters -
Asynchronous read - ahead configuration parameters -
Removing a Device -
10 Days
Topic Text Material Image content Video content Quiz
The transaction log file architecture -
SQL Server system data types -
Understanding DDL and DCL Statements in SQL Server -
Understanding the purpose of SQL Server system databases -
Modifying a database with T-SQL DDL statements -
Creating and managing tables -
Data Retrieval Using Transact-SQL Statements -
Using T-SQL functions in the query -
Understanding Different Types of Devices (What Is a Device?)- -
Creating a Database Device -
Creating a Backup (Dump) Device -
Viewing Device Information -
Expanding a Database Device -
Understanding the Default Device Pool -
Striping Data Across Disks -
Mirroring a Device -
Unmirroring and Remirroring Devices -
Device Mirroring Strategies -
Database Device Creation Considerations and Strategies -
SQL Clauses part-2 -
SQL Operators -
Operators in SQL – Alias, IN and Between -
SQL Expressions -
SQL Create Database -
Why MongoDB -
MongoDB Data Modeling -
How MongoDB Create Database -
How MongoDB Drop Database with DropDatabase() Method -
MongoDB Create Collection -
15 Days
Topic Text Material Image content Video content Quiz
Multiple table queries using UNION, EXCEPT, INTERSECT, and JOINs -
Subqueries -
Organizing and grouping data -
Updating data in SQL Server database tables -
Deleting data from SQL Server database tables -
Using the MERGE statement -
The TRUNCATE TABLE statement -
The SELECT INTO statement -
Understanding Advanced Database Programming Objects and Error Handling -
Creating and using variables -
Control-of-flow keywords -
Beyond the basics -
SQL DBA - Segments -
Database - Removable Media -
Distinct Keywords -
Easy Way To Understand -
SQL Join -
SQL Constraint -
SQL Wildcard Characters -
MongoDB Capped Collection -
MongoDB Projection -
Operations for MongoDB Document -
MongoDB Update Document -
MongoDB Delete Document -
20 Days
Topic Text Material Image content Video content Quiz
What Is a Database Backup (Dump)? -
What Is a Transaction Log Backup (Dump)? -
What Is a Table Backup (Dump)? -
Performing Database, Transaction Log, and Table Backups -
Understanding DUMP TRANSACTION Options -
NULL Values In SQL UNION Clause -
SQL Server Transaction -
SQL Index -
What is SQL Injection -
Alter Command In SQL -
MongoDB Limit Records -
MongoDB Data Types -
MongoDB Index -
MongoDB Text Search  -
MongoDB Mapreduce -
1 Month
Topic Text Material Image content Video content Quiz
WHILE, BREAK, and CONTINUE statements -
Creating, altering, and dropping views with Transact-SQL DDL statements -
Creating and using stored procedures -
Creating a stored procedure -
Modifying user-defined functions -
Creating and using triggers -
Recursive triggers -
Dropping a DML trigger -
Handling Transact-SQL errors -
Performance Basics -
Query execution and plan caching -
The SQL Server 2014 in-memory OLTP engine -
Indexes -
Composite indexes -
Performing Striped Backups -
Scheduling Backups -
Dumping a SQL Server 6.5 Database into a SQL Server 6.0 Format -
Understanding Database Options and the Transaction Log -
Using Database Dumps and Transaction Log Dumps to Recover a Database -
Understanding When to Dump a Database and Transaction Log -
SQL Like Clause -
Learn SQL Auto Increment -
Check Constraint in SQL -
SQL Null Functions -
Create SQL Sequence  -
Install Rockmongo in MongoDB -
MongoDB GridFS with Example -
MongoDB Aggregation -
MongoDB Replication -
MongoDB Regular Expression -
2 Months / 6 Weeks
Topic Text Material Image content Video content Quiz
Interactive BCP -
Sample BCP Scripts -
Modes of Operation -
BCP and Enforcement of Triggers, Rules, Defaults, Constraints, and Unique Indexes -
Common BCP Traps -
BCP Tips -
Alternatives to BCP -
SQL Subquery -
SQL Query Optimization Tools -
How to Find Duplicate Records in SQL  -
Primary and Foreign Key in SQL  -
SQL Create Table -
SQL Date Functions -
COUNT Function in SQL -
Generate MongoDB -
MongoDB Covered Query -
MongoDB Backup and Restore -
MongoDB Objectid -
MongoDB Relationships -
3 Months
Topic Text Material Image content Video content Quiz
Task Scheduler -
Alert Manager -
Database Maintenance Wizard -
Why SQL Server Uses a Query Optimizer -
Update Statistics -
Basic Query Optimization Suggestions -
Tools to Help Optimize a Query -
Overriding the Optimizer -
Other Tuning Tricks -
Reading the Showplan -
SUM Function in SQL -
Comments and Stored Procedure in SQL -
Cursor in SQL -
Dynamic SQL Tutorial -
Learn SQL Database Tuning -
SQL Comment -
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